Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Official!

This is it folks! Fordham University has officially accepted KOSMOS as a club! We are now funded by the school to pay for our publishing. Awesome! Now calls for the heavy task of advertising. Fliers, fliers fliers, I say. We already have a few up in the main building. More to come. Any ideas for design? Any concepts for the journal? For anyone who just started reading or has been reading this blog, suggestions are welcome. Our first issue comes out in March. Our mission? Generally speaking, to bring each of the academic departments together under one magazine. Science, religion, philosophy, art, journalism, creative writing - whatever genre, whatever department, you are welcome here. We will also be exploring the edges of academia, and beyond. We are offering students a chance to learn about alternative knowledge, integral philosophy, and a creative and intellectual outlet. For those who are particularly spiritually oriented, we offer a channel for their voice. Come one, come all, you are already a part of the KOSMOS. As a bonus, we are designing the magazine itself after integral models. We're even having a Zen event this spring! Look forward to hearing more updates... 


c4chaos said...


as a blogger, i see a solution to every problem is a blog :)

so my suggestion is to accompany your magazine with a groovy designed blog preferrably, Wordpress.

this suggestion is driven by my selfish interest to subscribe to your magazine via RSS ;)

keep it flowing.


shaman sun said...

Thanks c4chaos! I just may take you up on that suggestion.

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