Saturday, January 26, 2008

Paranormal Journal, Part 2

The first blog entry here, not so long ago (last fall) talked about the possibilities of the paranormal. I guess this is just a continuation. UFO's, crop circles, alien abduction, exorcisms; all of these things used to tickle my imagination. Don't get me wrong! They still do. It's just that they no longer captivate me for hours on end anymore. I remember finding a quiet place at the library in elementary school. Beside me lay a pile of UFO, alien, and bigfoot books. Isaac Asimov also remained close to my side as I learned about each planet, each solar system and the future of space travel. I'd often tell other 2nd graders horror stories, alien abduction accounts and warned them that spirits could be everywhere, so watch out! Naturally, I didn't have too many friends after scaring half of them off. Those who stuck with me also seemed to share a flare for adventure and mystery. But anyways, all of this is really just me rambling about how much the paranormal genre has permeated through my life. 
So this blog, every once in a while, will poke at that genre and see what happens. Take this for instance:

It's a little compilation of different crop circles. The intricacy is truly remarkable, and these things pop up quietly over night. On occasion, the owners of the property report seeing strange "Lights" dancing over the field, only to find massive and perfectly formed geometric shapes on their farm the next morning.  According to Wikipedia, crop circles date as far back as the 17th century. Here is the story and the picture of the infamous "Mowing Devil."

Although some men have confessed to making these,

Doug Bower and Dave Chorley made their crop circles using planks, rope, hats and wire as their only tools: using a four-foot-long plank attached to a rope, they easily created circles eight feet in diameter. The two men were able to make a 40-foot (12 m) circle in 15 minutes.

The phenomenon itself can't be discredited so easily, as weird evidence begins to pile up that just doesn't make sense conventionally. For instance, the amazing intricacy of the crop circles, with perfectly formed geometric shapes, suggest that a simple wooden plank would not do the trick. If you take a look at the first image in the blog, of the alien holding a disc up towards the viewer - this is a real crop circle! Appeared overnight. There is something bizarre about this one, as it appears to have a "3D" effect. Considering the scale and the detail in creating this, either the hoaxers have created a new and elaborate system in which every shape is created in perfect geometric harmony, or something equally as strange is going on. To add to the mystery, many of these detailed crop circles, when examined under a microscope, have shown signs of microwave energy. That's right, as if the plants were pushed down by a microwave blast. Bizarre, no? I'm trying to find the source for this information. I saw it on T.V. a few years ago, and more recently it was noted in Daniel Pinchbeck's "2012; The Return of Quetzalcoatl"

So what does it all mean? Who knows. The crop circle phenomenon is not so much a problem as it is a mystery. Whoever creates these has mastered an art form, creating complex geometric symbols, meaning and mathematics in these works. They inspire thousands to wonder, and perhaps, for now, that is at least a start. If only the media would cease turning a stubborn eye from the mystery, and dabble in true blindness of the unknown. That's the great thing about all of these mysteries, they test our arrogance, and reveal to us our ignorance. They invite us to accept the unknown as something that we cannot necessarily master or know. They tempt us not to create new ideologies, but to reflect on how we often become trapped in them. At any rate, that's it for this paranormal journal. See you next time!


Anonymous said...

I believe I was abducted as a child, I still wake up from Dreams soaking wet with sweat. We crossed a park at night, I was twelve. I saw a light go directly up and explode in the sky, There is a period of time I can not account for...I believe I was picked up and experimented on, my dreams are so vivid and I continue to have them again and again being taken away in a ship and feeling completely helpless..I am know 41.

Anonymous said...

wtf dude

Anonymous said...

this post is not complete!! I have a Harvar Publish book with this imagens and some intrpretation we humans have given to them, the one of the portrait with the circle its suposed to have a messege the aliens from "Orion" gave us, which said something like be aware, rough times will come but there is still time, there is good out there!! I belive we should do something!! we should be aware of those rough times WE are provoking!! we sould start look for a solution for problems such as global warming buecus we are not gonna finish the world... mother natuer is going to finish us!!

Anonymous said...

You need help. From a phyciatrist yeah. Try find a really exspensive one and they may be able to help you. Crop circles are made by sad people who have nothing else to do in there lives! Answering what your probly thinking is do i have any proof, no i do not. But this about this logically. Aliens! Seriously hmmm nope.

Anon said...

Thanks for posting a clear picture of 'The Message', had a good video but no hi-res frames (now I have a new wallpaper :D)

(I believe...)
This ties in to the Aricebo response. The figure seen obviously has a rather large head compared to his shoulders and if you look in the background three 'dots' appear, these dots represent the three planets or homes they occupy, see the Ariecibo response at Wiki:

The message is written in binary I believe (1s being crops, 0s flattened) and has been decoded (notice the spiral, it's written like a hard drive in my opinion). It pretty much says what anon earlier stated... "We oppose the decievers, much pain but still time, never believe good does not exist" or something along those lines. So to put it short, these guys are most likely allies that have been watching the NWO campaign unfold and want to help us, but we have to get organised - and we're doing a damn terrible job at it right now.

And Aliens have always interacted with us (and created us according to some theories), and they will continue to as long as we exist. They have been depicted in cave drawings, Egyptian text, and religious work, like the Frescos. But the government in control is constantly bombarding people with brainwashing nonsense (Aliens are pure evil, anal probing, other douchbaggery) and non-stop propaganda (Liberating the Middle East! - aka 'destroying Israel's enemies'). They (Aliens) are merely spectating and hoping we'll get off our lazy asses and fight for our lives, and maybe become friends (each species has something to offer) ... but if nonstop warring, economic bullshittery, removal of natural born freedom, and waves of lies (9/11) and debunked disinformation (Religion) won't make people move, what will?

Anyways, nice article, thanks for the picture, and good luck with whatever may come in the early monthes of WW3.

And to defend Anon #1 (though may be a troll) - abductions have happened, good and bad. Some by aliens and some by the government. If you think the abductions are weird you should look up Morgellon's Disease. This disease is just recently appearing, and oddly enough thanks to Chemtrails from governmental aircraft. People have been getting growths of multi-colored fibers and bio-mechanical organisms have been removed. The government's explanation is that the disease doesn't exist and it's all a Psychosis...

Here's a link to some really good pictures of what people have been ripping out of their bodies:

One even has what looks to be the engraving of a serpent and many of these things glow when in contact with something else.

If anyone remembers the 'Alien Abductions' where people came back with weird radio transmitters found in their bodies, well, this is merely phase 2. The final phase is the damned RFID chip that will be put inside of you (and according to these tests; whether you want them or not), the chips are already found in new Passports right now and can be implanted into new born babies right now.

So continue to say that we need help Anon #3, but it's you that have been brainwashed. Go learn some History and tell me the Bush administration isn't pulling pages out of Hitler's book... the False Flag opperations (Reistage/9-11) the destruction of personal freedoms (The Enabeling Act/The Patriot Act) the flase pretense of war (protection of German freedom/ protection of American freedom) the wonton acts of violence (Killing millions of CHRISTIANS to put Zionists in power/Killing millions of Muslims to give power to Zionists)... History repeats itself, if we allow it. All 'great' kingdoms fall for a reason, and the ones in charge of this one know that as well. So they constantly bombard you with mind-numbing crap to keep you occupied, and contempt to trusting them with your lives.

Quick list of daily crap... Fashion (stereotypes and discrimination), Elections (a total set-up to make you feel like you're in charge - yet voting fraud is always exposed), Patriotism (blind submission to authority), Economy (Slavery 2.0), and the use of Religion (to divide and instill fear to those who subscribe to - if you don't agree, you go to hell bs) and on and on...

Watch it and learn. That should be enough to get you started.

Or you could be a disinformation troll, I don't know, and if you are you'll die in the fires of the hell you are creating. Mom is pissed.



Anonymous said...

Anon, I agree with you with the economy bullshit.

Making the rules bigger just makes us belive we can't change anything about the world we live on. So sad :(

It's hard for me to be proud to be human right now.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

Anonymous said...

Survival group against God?? LOL. Good luck with that. Truth is, no one knows the exact time this will happen except the man upstairs, however, I firmly believe that there are people placed here by God that post the warning signs and it's up to you to take heed.
]future and past of the earth
[/url] - some truth about 2012

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