Sunday, December 16, 2007

Indigo Evolution?

I recently saw the film "Indigo Evolution," and I must say I felt very compelled to express my reflections on this. The film set me off, and not in an positively inspired way. If indigos are meant to be "system busters," then I'm going to have to bust this one. Please bear with me. I do not mean to be attacking anybody or their beliefs, nor do I mean to sound arrogant and pompous, but at the same time I can't remain silent on this.

So what is an indigo? And, how does this documentary depict them? It provides some general concepts about indigos: they are myth busters, they are skilled in non-traditional ways, sometimes appearing as savants, sometimes as musicians. In general, they are bored with the traditional culture, they are disillusioned and are seeking new ways to live. Some of the speakers in this documentary describe every child as an indigo. Personally, I do not see this as something truly unique - it's a result of everything that has happened before, and may have something to do with bigger concepts such as the evolution of consciousness.

So, the description of what it means to be an indigo is so general, that I feel that I witnessed many individuals jumping the gun on identifying themselves with the "indigo" identity simply because they share some basic similarities. So I must ask this question: Are you truly enacting what it is to be an indigo or are you simply finding a self-image you are more comfortable with? This may seem harsh, but I feel it's an important question. Are we playing with concepts, identity and self-images instead of directly experiencing the unity-consciousness, cosmic consciousness, transpersonal states that the sages have spoken of in the past?

I truly feel that indigos are much more rare than depicted in these videos. And that many of these children are encouraged to talk like they do, and express ideas because they are exposed to them through their parents. I feel that many of the children are taught that they are special.

I wonder how many of these speakers realize that children go through their own evolution of consciousness before they reach adulthood? That we are more myth-based when we are younger, absorbing everything our parents do and say to such a level that the parents may not even realize how strongly they influence their children with ideas and concepts?

Also, the concept of the "pure" child I feel is severely mistaken. It is true that when we are young, we are not yet conditioned with society, yet at the same time, we are not like sage or the Buddha. Why is this? Because although our minds are empty and open, the wisdom and knowledge, the maturity has not yet blossomed. It is like the simplicity of a seed compared to the openness of a flower. The two are surely connected, yes! But the seed must blossom first before it is to truly shine with that potential. So then,the non-rational aspects children speak of are mistaken for the sagely, trans-rational words you would hear from, say, Buddha or Ramana Maharshi, or Rumi.

It may be true that indigos are "Older" souls, yes! But they aren't born reciting their own Rumi-like poetry. They develop into it as they grow up. They go through all the stages of development like everyone else, but perhaps at an accelerated rate.

A good friend of mine had an interesting conversation about indigos, and I'll attempt to recreate it in a discussion form:

Q: So, what do you think of the term indigo?

A: Ugh. I try not to use it. I prefer the term "HSP."

Q: HSP? You mean hypersensitives?

A: Yes, those are the only "indigos" I am willing to accept at the moment. Individuals with a heightened sensory perception. I feel that the term "indigo" i used too lightly. It's just become another ideal, like so many other things of this culture.

Q: So in a sense, it has become just like the system it was meant to break down?

A: Yes, they have just found another ideal and lifestyle to follow.

Q: But what about the description for indigo children? ADHD, child prodigies, etc. Doesn't that show some kind of wisdom? Or heightened ability?

A: You can have ADHD and not be an "indigo." That's entirely possible. In fact, there is a huge difference. You can be very talented and not be an indigo, or HSP. The world is full of talented individuals. Are we going to call anyone with any form of talent or different learning ability an "indigo?" Don't you see how this is too generalizing?

Q: * I show her the child prodigy clip from the film - the 10 year old painter* What she be a good example of what you mean?

A: Yes. There you have it. She is certainly skilled, a prodigy even. But being a prodigy doesn't mean you are an HSP or an Indigo. It just means you are a prodigy. You have extaordinary talent, but what's there to make me believe you are an indigo?

Q: Well, how about the concepts conveyed in the imagery? The poems? The discussion?

A: She is 10 years old, and although I am sure her mind is developed in certain areas most others are not, I don't feel a sense of wisdom coming from her paintings, or from her dialogue. What she is describing sounds exactly like something her parents would have told her, or something she has picked up from her time here already.

Q: So, in other words, the concepts are there, the talent is there - but the actual energy and depth, sensitivity to these heightened states is missing?

A: Basically, yes. She has talent. But I don't feel much else. You know Alex Grey? He might be an HSP. His paintings express a very heightened sense of awareness, very detailed, quite vibrant. He doesn't necessarily have to be a prodigy painter. It's the energy behind the content that matters.

Q: I see. Do you believe any children are HSP's?

A: Yes. I am one. And let me tell you, it's not always a wonder. It's very rough living in this world and being an HSP. You have to be careful, things affect you more. A funeral passed by the other day on the road, and I began to cry. I couldn't help but pick up on the emotions of the family.

Q: So an HSP is a form of "empath", and that being under the general list of things they are hypersensitive about?

A: Yes. It varies but yes. We are "hyper sensitive"on a bodily level to foods, touch, sound, hearing, smell. At a mental level we are more intuitive to our thoughts, feelings, basic ego and subconscious. And we are more sensitive to others egos, minds, etc. On a spiritual level we are more sensitive to the subtle energies of the universe.

Q: That makes more sense. So, you can't just say, "I am an indigo." or "I am an HSP."

A: Yes, but you can't say we are very unique either. We experience things that are present for everyone - perhaps more intensely, but everyone is capable of cultivating awareness. We all can simply "be" and "be aware" of this. That is what I hope others can see. Instead of putting us on a pedestal, they should just listen to what we have to say about human nature. That we are actually all one. This isn't a concept. so many of us follow concepts. You must drop your baggage in order to truly know this. There is a difference between knowledge and knowing. Too many of us are concerned with knowledge and not with true knowing, which is wisdom.


Anonymous said...

speaking in extremes wont fully and comprehensively help us understand the true criteria of an "Indigo". People with high levels of perception and ability have been around for thousands of years; the difference here is that the frequency and population of this pool seems to have been increasing over the last few decades. Why? No one really knows. How? No one really knows. Purpose? Humans will always gravitated towards things like "those with extraordinary powers are destined to do extraordinary things"; but there is no precedence for this and nor should we want to force a destiny upon those we call "Indigo". They will make their own destiny. It has nothing to do with belief, it has to do with what is, and whether we are willing to understand without imposing preconceptions.

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