Wednesday, May 14, 2008

School is Out

I'm home for a while now. Classes are done!

I'm sitting in my living room by the back door. In the morning, the sun comes in through the back door and windows, in the afternoon it streams in through the front. It's nice being right int he middle. I sit at the living room table, and I'm currently reading:

Dawkins: The God Delusion
Dennett: Breaking the Spell
Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth

Coming up- Watts, Krishnamurti

I started The God Delusion. Dawkins writes eloquently, yet there is a verocity in his language that reveals an inherent emotional bias. Understandably so, he's writing in defense of reason, scientific method and a world where we do not need to strap bombs on our chests to defend an ideology. Yet, this emotional content clouds his judgment. He begins with the idea that we can, if but for a moment, "Imagine" the world without religion. Without suicide bombings and crusades. He cites John Lennon and uses him to enhance the metaphor and the mentality. It worked well, but I think it is not organized religion, per say, but humanity's inherent ability to seek and create ideology. We wish to make things known, to build castles of identity. We do this through science as well as through religion. The difference is, science is a deeper, greater more accurate 'version' of translating the world than old-age myth. To recognize this would be the most humble of acts Dawkins, or any other scientist could do. I'm not giving up though. It is his view, I don't condemn it or embrace it. Reading on!

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